It’s that time of the year, and everyone around you seems to be going on amazing vacations. Worry no more, there are plenty of wonderful destinations across the globe that are completely affordable for every pocket. So, if your budget is limited but you still want to travel where the food and accommodations are cheap but the culture is rich, check out these fantastic places to visit on a budget.


Just go for the food.

Accommodations: Depending on your budget and whether you are travelling alone or with a partner, Vietnam offers many options for accommodations that range from a few dollars a night to the $$$$ of luxury hotels and resorts. A popular choice amongst travelers, especially those on a budget, are local Guesthouses (the Asian version of an inn); these can be found across the country and in a variety of prices, depending on the venue’s location and the luxuries it has to offer.

Hungry? As we’ve previously said, if there’s one reason to go to Vietnam, it’s probably for the food. When that time of the day comes and your stomach starts growling, grab a tiny plastic chair and taste some of the local flavors. These street kitchens might seem completely improvised, but in most cases, they serve the freshest food in all the land. One important note though – be sure to ask exactly how much your meal will cost before you order, otherwise you risk getting ripped off.

Must see: A vacation in Vietnam isn’t simply a visit in Hanoi. To see the country’s unique landscape you must travel to its wonderful beaches, rice terraces, sacred temples, national parks, and many of its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Without a doubt, THE must see place in Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. Dotted with 1,600 limestone islands, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is approximately a four-hour drive from downtown Hanoi, and it is totally worth the drive.

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Farmers grow rice in the rainy season. Vietnam


Recently, the word among travelers is that “Warsaw is the new Berlin.” You know what, they might be right! Warsaw is cheap, full of history and art, and most importantly – shopping centers. Warsaw has a large young hipster population who don’t need fancy bars, but would rather sit on the Wisla riverside with a bottle of the finest (cheapest) beer and listen to music.

Accommodations: Since the arrival of options like Airbnb, booking a place to stay in a foreign country has become much easier. Warsaw is full of hotels at reasonable prices starting at approximately $50 per night, and as mentioned, modern alternatives are widely available.

Hungry? Even though the Eastern European cuisine doesn’t have the most positive reputation, you’ll be surprised when you have a taste at the Polish pierogis. Also, when night falls on Warsaw, and you’ll want to grab a nice cold beer with the local young crowd – you probably won’t find them at the local bars, but on the Wisla riverside listening to contemporary music.

Must See: When you walk the streets of Warsaw, history slaps you in the face. You’ll easily notice the borders of the Jewish Ghetto, and all of the monuments commemorating WWII across the city. You’ll also see amazing museums, galleries, beautiful parks, and modern architecture alongside classic urban landscape. THE must see place in Warsaw, Poland is probably the romantic Praga district. What was once a distant part of old town Warsaw, is nowadays full of young artists who give the historic neighborhood of Praga a unique and intriguing vibe.

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Horse carriages at the main square, Krakow, Poland


Amazing, colorful, exotic, full of friendly people, and don’t forget about the coffee.

Accommodations: Most travelers (in South America they are referred to as Muchileros) choose to stay in local hostels. However, when planning your trip, you might want to compare prices, since there are some places where you can find small hotels that are much cheaper than a hostel.

Hungry? Food in Colombia is cheap and delicious. You can have a feast for less than $5. But the true attraction is certainly coffee. Straight from the famed coffee plantations, drinking coffee in Colombia is a cultural thing, and it’s called tinto (spoiler alert: the taste is very different than what you’re used to).

Must See: Among the exceptional scenery that can be found in Colombia, you’ll see the Amazon River, numerous coffee plantations, and the beautiful Sierra de La Macarena National Natural Park. However, undoubtedly the cherry on top of it all are the Caribbean-esque beaches. Lounging on the beach fascinated by the horizon never costs a dime. Yet, THE must see place in Colombia is Ciudad Perdida (the “lost city”). Reaching the ancient city and witnessing the marvelous view of the jungle is quite a journey; a six-day hike will get you to the depth of the jungle, atop the Sierra Navada de Santa Marta.

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boat at islas de rosario, Colombia

South Africa

If you’re looking for a vacation that will give you true value for your money, South Africa is definitely it. Whether you’re traveling with your family or by yourself, be sure to catch a glimpse of the whales.

Accommodations: Since accommodations in South Africa are so cheap, most travelers prefer to stay in luxury resorts, which are also a safe option considering the country’s problematic reputation regarding safety. Another option is to rent a villa wherever you’d like and create your own peaceful routine without encountering additional people on their vacation.

Hungry? If you choose to stay at a resort, no need to worry about food since they have it all covered, and then some. However, if you’re on your own, you’ll discover that the South African cuisine is a fusion of many cultural influences. Also, since they have excellent local wineries, wine is cheaper than soda.

Must See: South Africa offers a combination of breathtaking sights and fascinating history. Visit the Apartheid Museum and the prison in which Nelson Mandela was kept. Hike through the “dragon mountains” and see the marvelous waterfalls, rock art, and amazing panoramas. THE must see place in South Africa is, of course, the African Safari. This is really a once in a lifetime experience (unless you live in the area or intend to visit again), book a guided tour and take a close look at nature at its best (keep in mind that if you are traveling with small children, a tour of this sort can be problematic since most guides won’t take children under the age of 7).

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Royal Natal National Park, South Africa

Bon Voyage!