Remember the days? You were young, and planning a vacation was the simplest thing in the world. All you had to do was to come up with a cool destination and book a plane ticket (or, if your destination was close enough – a train ticket). Now you’re a bit older, and even though you still want your vacation to be in an awesome location, you have children to consider, and let’s face it, their needs top yours.

Let your inner child out and check out these AMAZING suggestions for a perfect family vacation, one that would leave you and your family with a lifetime of memories. Traveling with your kids has never been more fun!    

A Classic Vacation 

This is an easy one. What do kids love? Amusement parks! For a quick getaway with your family, all you need to do is choose one of the amazing parks that are spread around the world, and you’ve got yourself a classic summer vacation with your family.    

Water Parks

While this piece is too short to contain the variety of unbelievably fun water parks around the world; we did choose what we think are definitely the top 3. These parks are located in great vacation destinations by themselves, and can definitely be a 1-2 day refreshing brake from the traditional site seeing.

Siam Park, Spain: the water kingdom is located in Tenerife Island, which is part of the Canary Islands. The huge park offers some of the world’s most exiting water slides (ticket prices start at €13).

Beach Park, Brazil: located in Aquiraz, home of one of the world’s highest water slides, is also a resort. You can literally plan your entire stay in the borders of this exhilarating water park, and never run out of things to do (ticket prices start at R$205).

Waterbom Bali, Indonesia: the park is located in Kuta, and there’s a bar in the pool. Is there anything else you need to know? (Ticket prices start at IDR 370).

Waterslides in Waterbom aquapark in Kuta, Bali

Amusement Parks

Who doesn’t LOVE a thrilling rollercoaster? You’ll probably have more fun than your kids.

Efteling Park, The Netherlands: THE go-to theme park in The Netherlands has a variety of thrilling rides for all ages. Visit the enchanted forest and watch classic storybooks brought to life (ticket prices start at 37).

Europa Park, Germany: the 2nd most popular theme park in Europe (right after Disneyland Paris). In Europa Park you’ll find European themed areas, each offers a unique set of thrilling rides that match the specific atmosphere and culture (ticket prices start at 35, children under the age of 4 enter free of charge).

Lotte World, South Korea: the world’s largest indoor theme park and outdoor amusement park is conveniently located in Seoul. You can visit both parks in one day with a “Passport Ticket,” which is easily obtained (ticket prices start at ₩29).     

All Inclusive Resorts

There are countless resorts around the world that provide an unforgettable family vacation. While we can’t even begin to find our way between the amazing all inclusive wonderlands around the world, we can give our take on amazing geographical locations for an all inclusive resort.   

Cancun, Mexico: enjoy the sandy beaches and the Caribbean Sea. Cancun is known for its amazing nightlife, and killer margaritas.

Cancun, Mexico

Beautiful beach in Cancun, Mexico – Playa Delfines

Montego Bay, Jamaica: this piece of heaven on earth offers golf courses alongside colorful coral reefs. Be sure to bring your diving gear.

Greece: the Mediterranean country is composed of a few islands; each offers a unique experience. One thing all islands have in common is the Mediterranean food and spirit.  


A Cultural Expedition

If you want to take advantage of the precious quality time you have with your family for some parenting education and extra value that would enrich and inspire your kids, you must take them to a culture filed vacation in one of the world’s most exiting cultural centers.   


The Louvre, Paris: home to some of the world’s most precious pieces of art. This museum is a must-see for everyone (ticket prices start at €15)

Vatican Museum, Vatican City: the magnificent Sistine Chapel alone is worth your trip (ticket prices start at €5).

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: the amazing thing about the Met is that the amount you pay is up to you. There are recommended fees according to age and status (student/senior citizen), and visitors are encouraged to be as generous as they can, but if they can’t, it’s ok too.     

POLIN museum of the History of Polis Jews, Warsaw: one of the most innovative and interesting museums today. When you enter POLIN’s core exhibition you’ll embark on a journey in time, and see how the Polish culture has developed through the centuries (ticket prices start at 15 PLN).

Theater Shows

Taking your kids to the theater isn’t necessarily a thing to do on vacation since it can be done all the time. But, is it done all the time? Broadway is where the magic of theater really happens. Take your kids to a musical or to an Off-Broadway show where they can reveal the depth of a theatrical work of art.

Another exhilarating option is a magic show where the illusion on stage will surly spark your (and your kids’) imagination.   

Historical Site Seeing

Petra, Jordan: the famous structure was carved into a canyon in Arabah, and was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Stonehenge, England: this magnificent and mysterious structure is over 3,000 years old. Numerous conspiracy theories surround this structure, and scholars are still unsure as to how Stonehenge was built.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia: these remarkable temples were part of an ancient city in Cambodia. The Khmer Empire once ruled most of Southeast Asia, and left extraordinary structures behind.    


Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor, Cambodia

Concerts and the Opera

You’d be surprised, but kids can actually enjoy 4 hours of dramatic music. As long as it is accompanied by an impressive, vivid performance, such as the one offered every summer in Verona, Italy. You’d probably want to book tickets in advance (ticket prices start at 20) since the Verona Opera Festival is quite popular, and offers a once in a lifetime experience of watching the opera in a Roman arena.      

Another option is to take your family to a live concert of your favorite rock band. If that plan doesn’t work, you can always watch your kids’ favorite performer, which can definitely be a fun family experience as well.   

Experience Nature

If you seek a true change of pace, and wish to experience the full magnitude of this planet along with the creatures that live in it – a Safari or a Jungle adventure is the trip for you.       

The African Safari

This is so much more than just a family trip to the zoo. In the African Savanna you can see lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, and many other packs of wild animals roam free. Watch nature’s glory and experience wildlife at its best.     

Kenya: a visit to Nairobi National Park will provide an experience like no other. The area is full of child-friendly attractions such as the Giraffe Center, where you can feed the giraffes from a raised gallery.

Nairobi National Park, photo by Rachel Sagi

South Africa: this experience is a bit more lavish than the one you would get in other African locations since most of the accommodations in South Africa are actually luxurious resorts. Still, prices are relatively cheap (compared to the western world).

Tanzania: welcome to Africa of long ago. There’s a certain rawness to Tanzania, which is especially noticeable when you visit the Ruaha National Park, where wildlife stampedes are views daily and it seems that man hasn’t interrupted nature from doing what it does.

Jungles and Rainforests

The magnificent evergreen tropical rainforests are located in three major locations around and near the equator; South America, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. While not all of these fascinating locations are prime destinations for a family vacation, you can definitely find a few destinations that would give you a taste of the famed rainforests.   

South America: the Amazon River runs through Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. In the midst of the most famous rainforest in the world, you can find the largest diversity of animal species on earth. To enter the jungle you’ll probably need a guided tour (be sure to book a certified tour operator), but you’re definitely in for one heck of a ride.    

amazon river, brazil

Also, you can take a cruise and sail the Amazon River where you’ll see pink dolphins and many other types of animals you’ve never seen before. (Prices start at $900. A cruise is quite expensive, but if you’re with a group you can lower your costs.)

Southeast Asia: the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia are scattered across Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and even India and Bangladesh. All of these countries are beautiful destinations for a family vacation that combines a taste of the famed tropical rainforests as well as local culture and history.