Have you started planning your next vacation? Whether it’s going to be a worldwide journey, or a quick getaway, this ultimate travel checklist has everything you’ll ever need; starting from must have accessories, to home security, and of course, what to do when traveling with children.       

Money Makes the World Go Round

  • Local Currency – Make sure to carry local currency upon your arrival at your desired destination. It’s important to know the exchange rate of the currency at your destination in comparison to any of the world’s leading currencies such as Euro or US Dollar. That way you’ll know if the exchange rate at a certain venue is a good bargain.
  • Credit Card – Make sure you have an international credit card that is valid at your destination. You’d be surprised as to how many places have issues with certain types of credit cards, which in other parts around the globe are quite popular.
  • Prepaid Cards – With this option you can enjoy both the benefits of cash and credit card at the same time. You deposit funds in to your card and easily travel with it.
  • Keep Your Credit Card Provider in the Know – This one is a must, especially if you’re not a frequent traveler, or if your desired destination stands out amongst locations you usually visit. Let your credit card provider know that you’ll be visiting abroad so it won’t accidentally block your card due to fear of fraud.

Documents & Other Drugs

  • Visa – Some countries can only be accessed with a pre-issued entrance visa. Make sure you have the proper documents ahead of time, since with some countries, issuing a visa can be a process that might take time.
  • Passport – Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months. Most countries won’t grant you an entrance if you don’t have some time left on your passport.
  • International Driving License – A must have if you intend on driving throughout your trip. But even if not, having an international driving license can’t hurt in case of emergency.
  • Student ID – Never underestimate this amazing, discount giving tool. If you’re a student, take your student ID with you. In some places such as museums, special tours, the theater, etc. it can give you substantial discounts.
  • Insurance – Probably one of the most important documents you should carry with you. You must issue a proper health and accident insurance. True, most people end up not needing anything from their insurance, but as the old saying goes – ‘better safe than sorry.’  
  • Vaccinations – Being a world traveler carries an endless amount of possible adventures. But usually, exotic destinations inhabit disease carrying insects, in addition to other forms of viral illness. Be sure to get proper prevention treatment.        

Home Sweet Home

  • Pets – If you have a dog, a cat, or a gold fish – someone needs to care for your pet while you’re away. Luckily, today there are many options. You can either keep your pet at home and pay a pet sitter, or board it at one of the boarding kennels or catteries. Of course, there’s always the traditional option of placing your pet with a family member or a friend.
  • Lock Your Doors – Going on vacation is great. But you must make sure your home is safe. Be sure to lock all possible entrances, and let a person you trust (perhaps a neighbor) know that you’ll be away for a while.
  • Trash – This is probably our best tip ever – empty your trash!

Must Have Accessories

  • Adaptors – You wouldn’t believe how many different types of wall sockets exist around the world. Make sure to have a proper adaptor. Otherwise, your technology will be lost for the duration of your trip. Be sure to use a safe adapter that answers the highest regulations. If not, it can cause damage.
  • Power Bank – these devices are small, and will save your phone’s battery!
  • Luggage Tag – Suitcases get lost every day. Yes, we know, the airline has its own tracking system. Still, be sure to attach a tag with your full name and address.
  • Neck Pillow – Definitely not a must have, but always nice to have. Having a comfy, orthopedic, neck pillow can surely upgrade your flight (or any other type of travel) experience.

Pack Your Bags

  • Check Local Whether – Ok, we’re not actually going to tell you how to pack your bags. But, we will give you some world class tips that will surely help you decide what to take with you. So, after you’ve checked the local weather prediction, you should still take a sweater/T-shirt, just to be on the safe side.     
  • Toiletry Bag – Pack your personal hygiene items in a separate package so it won’t soil your clothes.   
  • Carry-On – Other than the obvious items you should carry with you such as your passport and all the relevant documents, your carry-on should contain a few personal hygiene items in case of an emergency. It happens, luggage is lost, or delayed by airlines. Just for these cases, be sure to carry an extra toothbrush, and an extra set of clothes.   

Traveling With Kids

  • Toys – The best family time is on vacation. To start your journey successfully, you must remember the golden rule – keep your children busy with toys, books, and any other form of activity that comes to mind.
  • Food – The second golden rule is food. Any parent knows that a happy child is a well fed one. Be sure to pack sandwiches, fruits, and snacks for your family journey.

Bon Voyage!