Frequently asked questions

What is Wander?

Wander is a travel search engine. Enter your budget & travel preferences, Wander will take it from there. Our innovative search engine will scan through millions of flights, hotels, guesthouses, flats, and what-not, all while using sophisticated statistics that will provide you with amazing travel suggestions.

What does the price include?

When you see an icon of a car it means that the price only includes hotels. When you see an icon of a plane the prices includes both flights and accommodations.

How does it work, and who are your partners?

Once you enter your budget and make your initial search, we connect with our partners; namely and Skyscanner, we will fetch all the flights and hotel information that fits your preferences. Once we have the relevant information, Wander will do its magic and will match your budget with places you can get to with different hotel classes and a variety of options. The end result - a list of travel destinations that match your budget

Are these flight & hotel options the only ones available?

Wander has partnered with leading travel planning establishments. Currently we feature the options provided by our partners. If you feel that there are more options you'd like to see, please take a minute and let us know tell us how we can do better for next time.

Does Wander present different prices than its partners?

No. The prices presented on Wander are exactly the same as on its partners' websites. Every time you book a deal through Wander, we receive a commission from our partner.

I saw an amazing deal! But then prices went up. Why is that?

Flight & Hotel prices are very volatile. In fact, hotel and flight prices can change about 20 times from the time a customer books a deal until its actual due date. Why? Supply & demand.

I have an amazing idea for Wander!

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Many of the features we have today were suggested by our loyal users. Plus, we love it when you suggest new features! Simply go to the 'Feedback' tab, and tell us about your experience using Wander.

Something you wanted to ask?

Write your question and we'll get back to you ASAP