Belmont Street, Aberdeen

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Belmont Street, Aberdeen

Belmont Street is a north-south street in the centre of Aberdeen, Scotland that runs perpendicular to Union Street.

Belmont Street originated with the late 18th century expansion of the town. It was part of an expansion out of the town into suburbs to the west by the towns richer denizens. For example, Thomas Menzies of Pitfodels, one of Aberdeen's wealthiest merchants of the time, moved from his long-standing town house on Castle Street (which is now the site of the North of Scotland Bank) to a five-bay two-storey house on Belmont Street in 1788. The street overlooked the valley of the River Denburn and was developed on vacant ground there in the 1780s, housing there initially comprising the domiciles of the wealthy, typified by large town houses with gardens running down to the river. A few of the houses from the late 18th century still survive on Belmont Street today, including Menzies'.

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