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Achenkirch is a municipality in the Schwaz district in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is located at the northern end of Lake Achensee.

At the northern lakeside of Lake Achensee, there is the municipality Achenkirch and its component localities Achenkirch, Achensee, Achental and Achenwald, Scholastika and the terrain of the former Achenseehof farm. In other words, the municipal territory extends from Lake Achensee to the Bavarian border. Already in 1313 AD the village was known as “Achental”, while only in 1971 its name was changed to Achenkirch. Around the turn of the last century, Achenkirch was a popular destination for summer vacationists, including famous personalities such as the authors Peter Rosegger (1843-1918) and Ludwig Ganghofer (1855-1920). And Felix Mitterer, famous Austrian actor and playwright, was born here in 1948.

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