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Adam's Peak or Śrī Pāda is a 2,243 m (7,359 ft) tall conical sacred mountain located in central Sri Lanka. It is well known for the "Śrī Pāda" (Sinhala: ශ්‍රී පාද), i.e., "sacred footprint", a 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) rock formation near the summit. In Buddhist tradition the print is held to be the footprint of the Buddha, in Hindu tradition that of Hanuman or Shiva (Tamil: சிவனொளிபாதமலை, lit. 'Sivanolipaathamalai'), i.e., "Mountain of Shiva's Light", and in some Islamic and Christian traditions that of Adam, or that of St. Thomas.

The mountain is also known as Mount Malaya in Buddhist sources, particularly the Mahayana Lankavatara Sutra, which states that the Buddha preached this sutra on top of the mountain. According to this sutra, the mountain was the abode of Rāvanā, overlord of the Raskshasas and ruler of Laṅkā. Other names in Sanskrit sources include Mount Lanka, Ratnagiri (Mountain of Gems), Malayagiri (Mount Malaya) or Mount Rohana.

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