Mahkama du Pacha

Aïn Chock, Morocco

Mahkama du Pacha


Mahkamat al-Pasha (Arabic: مَحْكَمَة الباشا "the pasha's courthouse," French: Mahkama du Pacha) is an administrative building constructed 1941-1942 in the Hubous neighborhood of Casablanca, Morocco. The complex serves or has served as a courthouse, residence of the pasha (governor), parliamentary reception hall, and jail.

In January 1930, the pasha of Casablanca at the time At-Tayyib Al-Moqri, the second son of the Moroccan grand vizier Muhammad al-Muqri, decided to build a civil courthouse in the Habous. It was designed by the French architect Auguste Cadet (fr), who was heavily involved in the planning of Casablanca and particularly of its Habous neighborhood.

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