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Al Hoceima (in the Berber language: Eřḥusima or Elḥusima, Taɣzut, Taghzut and also Tijdit, in Spanish: Alhucemas) is a Riffian city in the north of Morocco, on the northern edge of the Rif Mountains and on the Mediterranean coast. It is the capital city of the Al Hoceima Province. It is situated in the territory of the Ait Ouriaghel and Ibeqquyen tribes of the Rif region, who speak a Riffian variety of the Berber language locally called Tmaziɣt (Tmazight). The city is a known tourists' destination despite its small size. It has a population of about 100,000 to 250,000. The inhabitants of the city speak Berber (Tarifit).

Al Hoceima is cited among the cleanest and safest Moroccan cities. It is characterized by its sandy and shingly beaches like Cala Iris, Bades, Torres, Quemado and Tala Yussef, and its mountainous rocky areas. Parts of Al Hoceima are currently being integrated into the municipality through the construction of new roads to ease transportation.

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