Perlenbach Valley

Alzen, Germany

Perlenbach Valley

The Perlenbach Valley (German: Perlenbachtal or Perlbachtal) is the valley of the Perlenbach stream in the Eifel mountains in the countries of Belgium and Germany. The Perlenbach itself is a tributary of the Rur. The Perlenbach Valley is host to two outstanding, cultural-historical nature reserves along the state border which have a total area of 398 ha.

The Perlenbach, in East Belgium called the Schwalmbach, is formed from several headstreams and tributaries, most of which rise on Belgian soil in the Elsenborn Training Area near the twin-villages of Rocherath-Krinkelt, in the municipality of B├╝llingen, Li├Ęge Province. There, where it is still called the Schwalmbach, it gathers water from the Rinnsaler Schwalmbach, Krockesbach, Kranbach, Drosbach, Lienbach, B├╝llingerbach (or Fuhrstbach), the Wolfsbach and the Heisterbach. From its confluence with the Heisterbach it is then known as the Perlenbach. It flows northwards, is impounded by the Perlenbach Dam and discharges into the Rur in Germany, west of the town of Monschau in North Rhine-Westphalia. Its waters are mainly used to supply drinking water by means of the reservoir and its associated waterworks.

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