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The Brouwershofje is a hofje on the Tuchthuisstraat in Haarlem, Netherlands.

The Hofje was founded by the Haarlem Guild of Beer brewers, one of the most powerful guilds in Haarlem. It was initially named the St. Maartenshofje after the patron saint of the brewers. It was intended as a charitable home for 22 poor people ("rechte arme huyszitten") who worked in the brewing industry. The Brewer's guild used the money for the hofje from a donation it received in 1472 by Jacob Huyge Roepersz and his sister Katharina, who donated a series of small houses (kameren) in the Gasthuisstraat (the Tuchthuisstraat used to be a northern extension of the Gasthuisstraat) for housing, and some land in Akersloot for rents. The donation made the requirement that the houses needed to be rebuilt if they were damaged by fire or any other reason.

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