Coen Cuserhof

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Coen Cuserhof

The Coen Cuserhof is a former orphanage in Haarlem. The complex was designed by J.A.G. van der Steur and the original maquette is on display in the Historisch Museum Haarlem.

The building is named after the society that ran the orphanage, the Stichting Coen Cuser Huis, which is named after the original benefactor Coen Cuser, a Haarlem knight who founded a house for the poor on the Krocht in Haarlem in 1394. That original building, the Heilige Geesthuis, has been torn down and the land is now the location of the Hofje van Oorschot. From 1765 to 1808 the Coen Cuser orphanage (also called the Burger Weeshuis) was located on the Kinderhuisvest. In 1808 the orphanage moved to the Diakonie on the Koudenhorn (currently the location of the Haarlem police headquarters). In 1810 they moved again to the Klein Heiligland in the quarters of the former old men's almshouse (currently the location of the Frans Hals Museum). In 1908 the orphanage moved to the Olieslagerslaan to the Coen Cuserhof, where the orphanage closed in 1988, since by then the care for most Haarlem orphans was done by the federal authorities.

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