De Meer Stadion

Amsterdam, Netherlands

De Meer Stadion

De Meer Stadion (Dutch pronunciation: [də ˈmeːr ˌstaːdijɔn]) is the former stadium of AFC Ajax. It was opened in 1934 as a result of the club's former stadium being too small. Upon completion, it could hold 22,000 spectators, but accommodating up to 29,500 at its maximum. Increasing safety requirements gradually reduced this number to 19,000.

Over time, as Ajax's popularity and success grew, the De Meer proved to be too small. From 1928 onward, Ajax played their big European games at the Olympic Stadium. The larger venue also hosted Ajax's midweek night games, since the De Meer was not suited for floodlights. The De Meer was abandoned with the opening of the purpose built Amsterdam Arena in 1996, since 2018-2019 the Johan Cruyff Arena.

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