Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Ito-toren (Dutch for Ito Tower) is a 100 metres (328 feet) tall office building in the Zuidas in the Dutch capital city Amsterdam. The building is part of the Mahler4 complex and has inside that complex the code "1AH".

The construction of the Ito-toren was part of the first construction phase of Mahler4 and took place between September 2002 and June 2005. In June 2004, the building was topped out. The developers of the Ito-toren were G&S Vastgoed, Fortis Vastgoed Ontwikkeling and ING Real Estate. Toyo Ito, after whom the building is named, and his architecture firm designed the office building. ZZDP Architecten was involved in the design process as well. The company Van der Vorm was the engineer.

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