Amsterdam, Netherlands


Lastage is a neighborhood in the Centrum borough of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is located between the Geldersekade and Oudeschans canals, just east of old medieval city. Today, the neighbourhood is also known as Nieuwmarktbuurt due to the fact that the Nieuwmarkt is comprised in the area; it is protected as a heritage site.

In the 16th century, the marshy land east of the city developed into an industrial and port area of Amsterdam. Halfway through the 16th century, five ropewalks, some ship's mast factories, and a few shipyards for the caulking and repairing of ships were established here. Due to the location of the area outside the city wall, taxes were much lower and spatial planning regulations were much less strict. The adjacent bend in the IJ inlet called Waal was shallow, which, although unsuitable for merchant vessels, was ideal for docking ships in winter.

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