NEMO (museum)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

NEMO (museum)


NEMO Science Museum (from latin Nobody) is a science centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is located in the Oosterdokseiland neighbourhood in the Amsterdam-Centrum borough, situated between the Oosterdokseiland and the Kattenburg. The museum has its origins in 1923, and is housed in a building designed by Renzo Piano since 1997. It contains five floors of hands-on science exhibitions and is the largest science center in the Netherlands. It attracts around 670,000 visitors annually, which makes it the eighth most visited museum in the Netherlands.

The museum has its origins in 1923, when the Museum van den Arbeid (English: Museum of Labor) was opened by the artist Herman Heijenbrock on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam. In 1954 the name was changed to the Nint or Nederlands Instituut voor Nijverheid en Techniek (English: Dutch Institute for Labor and Technology), and in 1997 it changed again to newMetropolis. The name Science Center Nemo was introduced in 2000. In 2016, the name was changed to NEMO Science Museum.

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