's Lands Zeemagazijn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

's Lands Zeemagazijn


's Lands Zeemagazijn ("National Sea Arsenal") is a 17th-century building in the Oosterdok near Kattenburgerplein in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which served as arsenal of the Admiralty of Amsterdam. Designed by Daniël Stalpaert and constructed in 1655/1656, it is an example of Dutch Baroque architecture. Since 1973, the building has housed the National Maritime Museum.

In 1650, the government of Amsterdam decided to build three islands on the eastern edge of the city. The wharf for the navy was to be placed on the westernmost island, Kattenburg. A few years later this became the building site of the arsenal. Construction started in 1655 after the Dutch lost the First Anglo-Dutch War and there was a dire need to professionalize the navy in order to protect the merchant fleet.

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