Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Trippenhuis is a neoclassical canal mansion in the centre of Amsterdam. It was built in 1660–1662 for the wealthy Amsterdam weapons traders Louis and Hendrick Trip. Many references to weaponry can be seen on its facade. Since 1887 it has been the seat of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

The building was designed by the architect Justus Vingboons. It is a double house; two large homes built behind one single seven-window-wide facade for the sons Louis and Hendrick of Jacob Trip and Margaretha de Geer. It is the largest facade from the time period in Amsterdam, and is on the list of top 100 Dutch heritage sites. The Trips also commissioned Ferdinand Bol to paint Portrait of the Trip Sisters and Portrait of Johanna de Geer and her Children as Charity, which both originally hung in the building.

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