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Astrakhan (Russian: А́страхань AH-struh-khun) is a city in Russia.

Astrakhan is in the south-east of European Russia, in the Caspian Lowland, in the lower reaches of the Volga river. The region is a part of the Southern Federal District and is a border region: by land it borders on Kazakhstan, and on Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan by sea. The Volgograd region and the Republic of Kalmykia are the Astrakhan region’s neighbours within the Russian Federation. The area of the region is 49,000 m². The region consists of 11 rural areas, 442 villages and settlements. Besides the regional center there are 5 towns in the region – Akhtubinsk, Kamyzyak, Znamensk, Kharabali, and Narimanov.

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