Badminton Theater

Athens, Greece

Badminton Theater

The Badminton Theater (Greek: Θέατρο Badminton) is a venue utilized for the staging of medium- and large-scale multiplex events. Situated inside the metropolitan park of Goudi in Athens, Greece, the theater was originally designed to host concerts, plays, dance performances and musicals. As of 2012, conferences, meetings, presentations and corporate events are also held at the venue due to the construction of additional facilities.

The venue was initially built and used for the sport of Badminton during the 2004 Olympic Games, opening immediately before the games. As the venue became further established, the facility was made available for leasing, with the management utilizing a public tender process, and "Athens Badminton Cultural Development S.A." (ABCD) outbid. ABCD acquired the premises for a 20-year timeframe, and subsequently embarked on radical reform and development of the property.

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