Choragic Monument of Nikias

Athens, Greece

Choragic Monument of Nikias

The Choragic Monument of Nikias is a memorial building built in the Acropolis of Athens in 320–319 BCE to commemorate the choregos Nikias, son of Nikodemos. It was situated between the Theatre of Dionysos and the Stoa of Eumenes where its foundations remain along with some fragmentary elements of the structure. It was built in the form of a substantial hexastyle Doric temple with a square cella and might have been surmounted with the prize tripod of the Dionysia. The monument was dismantled at some point in late antiquity and the masonry reused in the Buelé Gate.

Most of the surviving architectural remains of the choragic monument are built into the central portion of the Buelé Gate, which was uncovered and identified by its inscription by Charles Ernest Beulé in 1852.

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