Mihalis Filopoulos

Athens, Greece

Mihalis Filopoulos

Mihalis Filopoulos (Greek: Μιχάλης Φιλόπουλος) (1985–2007) was a 22-year-old Panathinaikos fan who was stabbed to death on March 29, 2007 at Paiania, a town near Athens, Greece, during a pre-arranged clash with rival hooligans of Olympiakos. His death caused major upset in Greece and sparked a large police investigation into the organised supporters scene.

A volleyball game between Panathinaikos' and Olympiakos' women teams was scheduled to take place on March 29, 2007 in Paiania, for the Greek volleyball cup. Since this was a women's event, not much police force was assigned to it (usually men's games between the two teams are classed as very high risk). Therefore, hooligans from both sides sought the opportunity to organise a full-scale clash unobstructed by police. Indeed, news about the meeting in Paiania (later called "rendez-vous of death" by the media) were circulating in supporters clubs and web sites and at least 400 people knew about it beforehand.

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