Anzac Avenue, Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

Anzac Avenue, Auckland

Anzac Avenue is a street in Auckland, New Zealand's most populous city. It was constructed between 1914 and 1919 to link Beach Road to Symonds Street, and was named as a memorial to the troops who died in the Gallipoli campaign.

The statistical area of Anzac Avenue, which is bounded by Beach Road, Parliament Street, Waterloo Quadrant, Princes Street and Emily Place, had a population of 2,748 at the 2018 New Zealand census, an increase of 180 people (7.0%) since the 2013 census, and an increase of 624 people (29.4%) since the 2006 census. There were 1,458 households. There were 1,422 males and 1,323 females, giving a sex ratio of 1.07 males per female. The median age was 30.6 years, with 90 people (3.3%) aged under 15 years, 1,215 (44.2%) aged 15 to 29, 1,269 (46.2%) aged 30 to 64, and 168 (6.1%) aged 65 or older.

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