Fifth & West Residences

Austin, United States

Fifth & West Residences

Fifth & West Residences is a 39-story residential skyscraper located at 501 West Ave. in Downtown Austin, Texas. The tower is the seventh tallest in Austin at 459 feet (140 m). Fifth & West is the fourth tallest all-residential tower in Austin, behind The Independent, The Austonian and 360 Condominiums. The building is located along a Capitol View Corridor, creating a unique triangular tower atop a square podium base. The tower is located in the Shoal Creek floodplain.

Fifth & West started construction with almost a year of foundation-related delays. The small quarter-block site caused issues removing material from the underground parking garage excavation, and weather delays such as the 2015 Memorial Day Floods added to the delays. In June 2016, a city pollution charge was filed after inspectors discovered runoff being funneled into nearby Shoal Creek. After the tower's foundation reached ground level in November 2016, construction resumed the planned speed and finished in just over two years.

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