Procter and Gamble Baltimore Plant

Baltimore, United States

Procter and Gamble Baltimore Plant

Procter and Gamble Baltimore Plant is a historic factory complex located at Locust Point in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It is a compact industrial complex built by the national corporation Procter & Gamble comprising five major three-story brick buildings spread over 10 acres (40,000 m2). These major buildings are the Process Building (1929), the Soap Chip Building (1929), the Bar Soap Building (1929), the Warehouse (1929), and the Tide Building (1949).

Procter & Gamble's late 1920s decision to locate its second east coast soap manufacturing plant in Baltimore reflects the strengths of Baltimore's industrial infrastructure in the early 20th century. Their choice of sites is particularly telling in light of Procter & Gamble's unique strengths as a corporation. Founded in 1837 as a family partnership, Procter & Gamble by the beginning of the 20th century had developed into a major U.S. corporation. Procter & Gamble pioneered practices such as radio and television advertising, application of technology developed by in-house laboratories, market research, brand-management systems, promotion from within the organization, employee profit-sharing, and rationalized production schedules. The company has long been known as an innovative, well-run entity that developed and refined methods that defined mid-20th century American corporate culture.

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