The Stafford Apartments

Baltimore, United States

The Stafford Apartments

The Stafford Hotel, now The Stafford Apartments, is a historic building in Baltimore, Maryland which was constructed in 1894. The Stafford Hotel building was the tallest building on Mount Vernon Place at the time of its inception. It was designed by architect Charles E. Cassell (1838–1916), who was a founding member of the AIA Baltimore chapter, and also designed the Christian Science Temple, Chamber of Commerce building, and Chateauesque House in Baltimore. The building itself is clad in brown Roman brick, and features arched windows and balustrade balconies – all of which is done in the Richardsonian/Romanesque architectural style.

The building is located on the north face of Mount Vernon Place, a cross-shaped park composed of 4 landscaped squares, featuring the Washington Monument at its center. The park itself is located in the heart of Baltimore’s historic district, and many of the most historically and architecturally significant structures in Baltimore line its sides. Mount Vernon Place represents Baltimore’s history and development during the 19th and 20th centuries, and can be seen as the finest surviving example of Maryland’s 19th century urban planning efforts.

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