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Bang Khen (Thai: บางเขน, pronounced [bāːŋ kʰěːn]) is one of the 50 districts (khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. It is bounded by other Bangkok districts (from north clockwise): Sai Mai, Khlong Sam Wa, Khan Na Yao, Bueng Kum, Lat Phrao, Chatuchak, Lak Si, and Don Mueang.

Bang Khen was established as an amphoe (district) of Phra Nakhon province in 1897. The district occupied a vast plain called Thung Bang Khen (ทุ่งบางเขน; 'Bang Khen Field') in north Bangkok. Farms dominated its landscape. In October 1933, the district was a battleground in the "Boworadet rebellion" contested by the army of Prince Boworadet and government troop.

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