Bandar Abbas, Iran

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Bandar Abbas or Bandar-e ‘Abbās (Persian: بندر عباس, IPA: [pændæɾ æpːɑs], lit.'Port of Abbas'), is a port city and capital of Hormozgān Province on the southern coast of Iran, on the Persian Gulf. The city occupies a strategic position on the narrow Strait of Hormuz (just across from Musandam Governorate, Oman), and it is the location of the main base of the Iranian Navy. Bandar Abbas is also the capital and largest city of Bandar Abbas County. At the 2016 census, its population was 526,648.

Bandar Abbas has always been a port, and as such its various names have all reflected this function. The most common name over time, Gameroon, traditionally derived from Turkish gümrük, "customhouse" (from Late Greek kommerkion, from Latin commercium, "commerce"), but is now speculated to come from Persian kamrūn, "shrimp" (in Portuguese: camarão, similar to the former Portuguese name). Its current name derives from that of Abbas the Great (r. 1588–1629) paired with bandar - "port", meaning "Port of Abbas".

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