Pasupati Park

Bandung, Indonesia

Pasupati Park


Pasupati Bridge or Pasupati Overpass (Indonesian: Jembatan Pasupati, Sundanese: ᮏᮨᮙ᮪ᮘᮒᮔ᮪ ᮕᮞᮥᮕᮒᮤ) is a bridge that connects the north and east of Bandung through the Cikapundung valley. It has a length of 2.8 km and a width of 30–60 m. The road is built over Jalan Pasteur, which is a long street flanked by the palm trees that characterize the city of Bandung. The bridge and overpass are known for their colorful display, particularly at night, which has become emblematic of Bandung as a whole. The overpass and bridge connect to the main Cipularang Toll Road from Jakarta, and have greatly improved the traffic flow from the Greater Jakarta area into Bandung. Under the bridge, there is a park named Pasupati Park.

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