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Bangalore Aquarium


Bangalore Aquarium, also known as Government Aquarium, is the second largest aquarium in India. It is located at the entrance of Cubbon Park in Bangalore, India, and was established in 1983. It has a variety of exotic cultivable as well as ornamental fish on display. It is very near to vishweshwarayya museum. The aquarium is administered by the Karnataka State Government Department of Fisheries.

Government Aquarium for public display was constructed during 1972 and was officially inaugurated on 27.08.1983. Government aquarium, Cubbon park is a ‘fresh water fish aquarium’ in an octagonal shape and is a three-storied building. The total area of the Government aquarium is 2700 sq.m. Out of the built up area is 850 sq.m. It is the second largest aquarium in the country. The ground floor comprises the office. The first floor has 14 big tanks. On the second floor, aquariums are arranged in two rows and there are a total of 62 numbers of medium to small size aquaria. It has about 40-50 varieties both indigenous and exotic species of freshwater ornamental fish. The Government Aquarium works under the direct control of the Directorate of Fisheries and Curator is the head of the aquarium.

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