Dinso Road

Bangkok, Thailand

Dinso Road

Dinso Road (Thai: ถนนดินสอ, RTGS: Thanon Dinso, pronounced [tʰā.nǒn dīn.sɔ̌ː]) is a road in the area of Rattanakosin Island or Bangkok's old town zone. It has a starting point at the corner of the Giant Swing from Bamrung Mueang and Ti Thong Roads at front of the Devasathan and running through the side of Bangkok City Hall (in this phase it is parallel to Siriphong Road), then cuts across Ratchadamnoen Avenue at Democracy Monument, and through the side of Satriwittaya and Wat Bowon Niwet Schools in the Banglamphu area, as far as the end at the foot of Wan Chat Bridge, where it cuts with Phra Sumen and Prachathipatai Roads (this phase it has one-way traffic management), total length of 850 m (2,788 ft).

Its name meaning "pencil road", due to its location in the past was a community of people who have a career in making pencils for sale called "Yan Pa Dinso", presumably being a community that has been around for a long time since the Ayutthaya period. Aside from a career in pencil making, they also produce white clay fillers as well (white clay filler in Thai also known as dinso).

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