Klong Prem Central Prison

Bangkok, Thailand

Klong Prem Central Prison

Klong Prem Central prison (Thai: เรือนจํากลางคลองเปรม; RTGS: Rueancham Klang Khlong Prem) is a maximum security prison in Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand. The prison has several separate sections. The compound houses up to 20,000 inmates. Within the perimeter of the compound are the Women's Central Prison, often referred to as "Lat Yao" or "Lat Yao women's prison". There is the Central Correction Institution for Drug Addicts (also known as "Bambat Phiset"), Bangkok Special Prison (Thai: เรือนจําพิเศษกรุงเทพมหานคร), and the Central Correctional Hospital. The Lat Yao men's section takes custody of male offenders whose sentence term is not over 25 years. As of 2002 the men's section held 1,158 foreigners from 56 countries out of a total of 7,218 prisoners. It is a part of the Thai Department of Corrections.

The Klong Prem section for women houses female death row inmates.

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