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LHONG 1919


Lhong 1919 (Thai: ล้ง 1919; Chinese: 廊 1919) is a tourist attraction on the west bank of Chao Phraya River on Bangkok's Thonburi side. Its concept is similar to that of the Asiatique The Riverfront on the Phra Nakhon side. It is at the bottom of Chiang Mai Road, Khlong San Sub-District, Khlong San District, Bangkok, Thailand.

Lhong was a historic port and warehouse in siheyuan-style (Chinese courtyard architecture). It was built in 1850 as a port for overseas shipping from British Malaya, mainland China, and British Hong Kong by Phraya Pisansuphaphol (Chuen), a wealthy Thai Chinese. He was an ancestor of the Pisolyabutra family, whose descendants include Luang Sathonrachayut or Yom Pisolyabutra, who was the founder of Khlong Sathon and Sathon Road. The port's name is derived from the word Huang Chung Lhong (火船廊; lit: 'steamer port'), an old name.

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