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Sampheng (Thai: สำเพ็ง, pronounced [sǎm.pʰēŋ]) is a historic neighbourhood and market in Bangkok's Chinatown, in Samphanthawong District. It was settled during the establishment of Bangkok in 1782 by Teochew Chinese, and eventually grew into the surrounding areas. The original street of Sampheng, now officially known as Soi Wanit 1 (ซอยวานิช 1), is now a small alleyway lined with numerous shops, and is a famous market.

Sampheng, in fact, is the name of a khlong (canal) that used to current through this area in the past. It connects Khlong Maha Nak and Chao Phraya River (now being filled in since King Rama VII's reign to build many roads in the area well-known as Khlong Thom presently).

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