Siriraj Medical Museum

Bangkok, Thailand

Siriraj Medical Museum


The Siriraj Medical Museum, nicknamed the Museum of Death, is a medical museum in Bangkok, Thailand. Siriraj Medical Museum is open to the public and is a valuable resource for medical professionals and students. This museum consists of seven small medical museums: Siriraj Bimuksthan Museum, Ellis Pathological Museum, Congdon Anatomical Museum, Songkran Niyomsan Forensic Medicine Museum, Parasitological Museum, Touch Museum in Honor of Queen Mother Sirikit, and Sood Sangvichien Prehistoric Museum Laboratory.

As the very first museum to be part of Sirrah Hospital, the Ellis Pathological Museum was founded by Professor Dr. Aller G. Ellis, MD, an American pathologist who began the practice of collecting disease-identified specimens of patients for his pathology class. The museum showcases the top killers of Thai people: heart disease, cancer, and different types of congenital anomalies along with proper treatment and preventive measures.

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