Soi Lalai Sap

Bangkok, Thailand

Soi Lalai Sap

Surasena Alley or Soi Surasena (Thai: ซอยสุรเสนา), or officially known as Soi Si Lom 5 (ซอยสีลม 5), and commonly known as Soi Lalai Sap (ซอยละลายทรัพย์, pronounced [sɔ̄ːj lā.lāːj sáp]; lit.'melted money alley') is a side-street (soi) branching off Si Lom Road in the Bang Rak District of Bangkok, Thailand. It is the home of many stores, air-conditioned shophouses, mini malls, food courts and stalls, and sidewalk vendors, which sell a variety of goods such as men's and women's clothes, souvenirs, handicrafts and many kinds of food.

The name "Surasena" after Phraya Surasena (พระยาสุรเสนา) a Thai aristocrat, who used to have house in the neighborhood. Currently much of the area is now covered by the large headquarters of Bangkok Bank, which stands at the side of Soi Lalai Sap.

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