Taling Chan Floating Market

Bangkok, Thailand

Taling Chan Floating Market


Khlong Chak Phra (Thai: คลองชักพระ, pronounced [kʰlɔ̄ːŋ t͡ɕʰák pʰráʔ]) is one of the six khwaengs (sub-districts) of Taling Chan District in Bangkok's Thonburi side. It is the location of the district office.

It is named after Khlong Chak Phra, that currents through right side of the area and also a borderline with other districts. Geography of Khlong Chak Phra is long and thin, giving it a curve-like shape and the easternmost of the district, with a total area of 1.251 km2 (0.483 mi2). Most of the area consisting of lowlands along the waterways, therefore often flooding regularly.

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