Ton Son Mosque

Bangkok, Thailand

Ton Son Mosque

Ton Son Mosque (Thai: มัสยิดต้นสน) is a historic mosque affiliated with the Sunni sect of Islam. Located on the left bank of Khlong Bangkok Yai canal, Wat Arun Subdistrict, Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok's Thonburi side, opposite Wat Moli Lokayaram temple, across the canal is Bang Luang Mosque.

The ancient mosque was founded in the Ayutthaya era during the reign of King Narai in 1688 by Chao Phraya Ratchawangsanseni (Mahmud). It is considered the oldest mosque in Bangkok and Thailand. The first name was called "Kudi Yai" (กุฎีใหญ่), an abbreviation of "Kudi Bangkok Yai" (กุฎีบางกอกใหญ่). It was originally a teak house raised on a platform and roofed with terracotta tiles. The form of the architecture is similar to the hall in Buddhist monasteries. Worshippers in the Bangkok Yai area renovated it and changed the old structure to brick building during the reign of King Rama II. In 1952, the new building was transformed into a reinforced concrete building since the former architecture was too old to rebuilt. The twin pine tree (Ton Son) was planted in front of the gate of the mosque's wall since the reign of King Rama III. And the name was officially changed to Ton Son Mosque.

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