Wat Anongkharam

Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Anongkharam

Wat Anongkharam Worawihan (Thai: วัดอนงคารามวรวิหาร) is a second grade royal temple of Worawihan. It was built in 1850 in dedication for King Rama III. The formerly named was Wat Noi Khamthaem (วัดน้อยขำแถม) after its founder Dame Noi, wife of an noble, Somdet Chao Phraya Borom Maha Phichai Yat (That Bunnag), the temple was built along with neighbouring Wat Phichai Yat. It was later renamed Wat Anongkharam ("temple of lady") by King Rama IV.

The sanctuary built in Thai-styled Rama I period, inside there is a principal Buddha image with gold-leaf covered bronze in Māravijaya attitude of Sukhothai styled named Phra Chunlanak (พระจุลนาค) which has been brought from Sukhothai province since 1949. Cluster of the monk's dwellings are decorated with beautiful wooden works. Besides, there are plenty of important Buddha image in the temple compound and the collections of revered monk Somdet Phra Phutthachan Phutthamahathera (Nuam)'s daily-used belongings in a monk's dwelling which will be open for public visit and homage-paying on Buddhist Lent Day and New Year Day.

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