Wat Apson Sawan

Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Apson Sawan

Wat Apson Sawan Worawihan (Thai: วัดอัปสรสวรรค์วรวิหาร), also simply known as Wat Apson Sawan is an ancient Thai Buddhist temple more than 200 years in Bangkok. It is situated rim canal Khlong Dan bounded by other temple were famed Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen, Wat Nang Chi, and across the canal is Wat Khun Chan in Talat Phlu quarter.

The temple is third classed royal monastery in Worawihan type. Formerly it was called Wat Mu (วัดหมู, "pig temple"), as it was built on the land of pig stable and the pigs were allowed to stroll in the compound, and was told that the temple was built by a Chinese named Wu (悟) without evidence of when it was created. Later on, during the reign of King Nangklao (Rama III), Royal Concubine Noi (Suranakong) has restored the temple. Later, King Nangklao ordered the temple renovated once again and bestowed the name "Wat Apson Sawan" ("temple of celestial apsara") to the temple.

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