Wat Kanmatuyaram

Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Kanmatuyaram

Wat Kanmatuyaram, or written as Wat Kanma Tuyaram (Thai: วัดกันมาตุยาราม) is a small Thai civilian temple in Bangkok, located on Mangkon Road, Samphanthawong Sub-district, Samphanthawong District, regarded as another Thai temple located in the area of Bangkok's Chinatown, in addition to Wat Traimit. The entrance of the temple on Charoen Krung Road located diagonally from Chinese temple Wat Mangkon Kamalawat. The temple belongs to Dhammayuttika Nikaya of Theravada Buddhism.

The temple dating back to the King Mongkut (Rama IV)'s reign. When Mrs. Kleap Sakhonwasi dedicated her flower garden, to be built as a Buddhist temple. She was the daughter of Yai Fang, the proprietor of the renowned sporting house in Sampheng area, who devote own land to create a temple Wat Khanikaphon (now located on nearby Phlapphla Chai Road).

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