Wat Mangkon Kamalawat

Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Mangkon Kamalawat


Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Thai: วัดมังกรกมลาวาส, pronounced [wát māŋkɔ̄ːn kāmālāːwâːt]), previously (and still commonly) known as Wat Leng Noei Yi (Thai: วัดเล่งเน่ยยี่, pronounced [wát lêŋ nɤ̂j jîː]; simplified Chinese: 龙莲寺; traditional Chinese: 龍蓮寺; pinyin: Lónglián Sì), is the largest and most important Chinese Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand. It hosts celebrations of a number of year-round events, including Chinese New Year, and the annual Chinese vegetarian festival.

It is located in the district of Pom Prap Sattru Phai in the city's Chinatown, in a courtyard off Charoen Krung Road, accessed by an alleyway. It is served by Wat Mangkon MRT station located in front of the temple.

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