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Baranavichy ( bə-RAH-nə-vitch-ee; Belarusian: Бара́навічы, Łacinka: Baranavičy, IPA: [baˈranavʲitʂɨ] (listen); Russian: Бара́новичи; Yiddish: באַראַנאָוויטש; Polish: Baranowicze) is a city in the Brest Region of western Belarus, with a population (as of 2019) of 179,000. It is notable for an important railway junction and is home to Baranavichy State University. Baranavichy is a large railway junction in the Brest Region.

The city of Baranavichy is located on the Baranavichy Plain in the interfluve of Shchara and its tributary Myshanka. Baranavichy is located virtually on the straight line, connecting regional centre Brest (206 km) and Minsk (149 km). Nearby cities: Lyakhavichy (17 km), Slonim (42 km), Nyasvizh (51 km), Navahrudak (52 km), and Hantsavichy (72 km). Baranavichy is located on flat terrain where the height difference does not exceed 20 m (from 180 to 200 m above sea level). The altitude of the city is 193 m above sea level. Total length of the city is 10 km from west to east and 7 km from south to north. The city is somewhat extended (by 8 km) in the southwest (from Brestskaya street) to the northeast direction (to Fabrichnaya street) and compressed (6.3 km) in the north (Sovetskaya street) to the southeast direction (Frolenkov street). Total area occupied by the city is 80.66 sq. km. (8066 ha as of the 12th of August 2012). The population density is more than 2,000 people per sq. km.

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