Barbados, Barbados

Central Eastern Barbados is the least developed and most scenic part of Barbados, and comprises the parishes of Saint Andrew, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Joseph and Saint Thomas. It's hilly with lush tropical gardens such as Andromeda, plantation houses eg Sunbury, green monkeys skittering about in the shrubs, and Harrison's Cave in the underlying limestone. The east coast is exposed to the full fury of the Atlantic, with big surf, and is too hazardous for casual beach and water sports. There is little accommodation, so it's more often an area to visit than to stay. Nevertheless if you do stay, you'll get the real feeling of a Caribbean retreat, a world away from the brash south & west coast hotel strips.

This is the one area of Barbados where you need a car (which you can hire at the airport or in Bridgetown). Buses are slow and mostly serve radial routes from the city, with not much running cross-district. Bus # 6 runs from Bridgetown Fairchild St to Bathsheba, and Bus # 3 runs from Bridgetown Princess Alice to Belleplaine and St Andrews Church, both routes hourly, daily. Bus # 1E crosses the top of the island every couple of hours daily from Speightstown on the west coast to Belleplaine and Bathsheba.

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