Escola de la Llotja

Barcelona, Spain

Escola de la Llotja

The Escola de la Llotja (Catalan pronunciation: [əsˈkɔlə ðə lə ˈʎɔdʒə], "Llotja School"; Spanish: Escuela de la Lonja), officially the Escola d'Arts i Oficis de Barcelona (Barcelona Arts and Crafts School), is an art and design school located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The school took its name from its initial location in the Llotja de Mar palace; it was moved in 1967 to its current location at 17 Ciutat de Balaguer Street. (It also has a satellite location at 40 Padre Manyanet Street in the San Andreu neighborhood.) The first director of the school was Valencian engraver Pedro Pascual Moles, who oriented the school towards academic art advocated by painter Anton Raphael Mengs.

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