Fossar de les Moreres

Barcelona, Spain

Fossar de les Moreres


The Fossar de les Moreres (Catalan pronunciation: [fuˈsa ðə ləz muˈɾeɾəs], literally "Grave of the Mulberries") is a memorial square in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), adjacent to the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. The plaza was built over a cemetery where defenders of the city were buried following the Siege of Barcelona at the end of the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714. The plaza features a memorial to the fallen Catalans of the war, with a torch of eternal flame and a heroic poem by Frederic Soler, "El Fossar de les Moreres".

In the aftermath of the War of Spanish Succession, Catalonia suffered a loss of autonomy. The subsequent royal decrees known as the Decretos de Nueva Planta abolished the furs (fueros) of Catalonia as well as institutions that dated back to the time of the Crown of Aragon and beyond. At a later date the public use of the Catalan language was banned for public documents. The Decretos dealt not only with Catalonia, but also with other parts of Spain and the empire as a whole.

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