Middle Bridge, Basel

Basel, Switzerland

Middle Bridge, Basel


The Middle Bridge (German: Mittlere Brücke [common name] / German: Mittlere Rheinbrücke [official name], French: Pont du Milieu) is a historic bridge in the Swiss city of Basel. It is situated on the oldest existing bridge site across the Rhine, between Lake Constance and the North Sea.

The first document pertaining to the Middle Bridge dates back to 1223. A loan document of that year shows that the bishop Heinrich of Basel (also known as Heinrich von Thun) temporarily transferred the cathedral treasury to a Jewish moneylender as deposit for a loan. The money was to be used for the construction of the Middle Bridge, the first bridge across the Rhine in Basel, which played a significant role in the development of trade in the city. The exact time of construction is unknown, but it must have been complete to a certain extent in 1224, since a document of that year mentions “Johannes on the Rhine bridge.”

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