Mühlemuseum Brüglingen

Basel, Switzerland

Mühlemuseum Brüglingen


The Watermill Museum Brüglingen (Mühlemuseum Brüglingen) is housed within the former watermill and stands in the lower plain of Brüglingen, in the sub-district "Neue Welt", Münchenstein, in the canton of Basel-Country in Switzerland.

The geographical area Brüglingen is a plain region that lies along the western bank of the river Birs between St. Jacob an der Birs (now part of Basel) and Münchenstein. The region called "Neue Welt" (the new world) evolved as the industry started to establish itself around the upper end of the "St. Alban-Teich", an artificial canal constructed during the 12th century to bring water and water power to the industry in Basel.

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