Nigali valley

Batumi, Georgia

Nigali valley

Nigali or the Nigali valley (Georgian: ნიგალი, ნიგალის ხევი, nigalis khevi), also known, through a subsequent metathesis, as Ligani (ლიგანი) or Livana (ლივანა; Turkish: Livâne) is a historical district on the lower course of the Çoruh or Chorokhi river, currently divided between Turkey and Georgia.

The land known as Nigal first appears as one of the districts of Colchis in the 7th-century Armenian geography attributed to Ananias of Shirak. In the 8th century, Nigali became part of an appanage of the Georgian Bagratid family. It was bounded by Adjara on the north-east, Shavsheti on the east, and Klarjeti on the south. The medieval Georgian sources also make mention of Niali, which is likely a corruption of Nigali. The early 18th-century Georgian scholar Prince Vakhushti refers to it as Ligani and locates the district on either bank of the Chorokhi as far as Art'vani (now Artvin). In c. 1530, the area was conquered from Georgians by the Ottoman Empire, which administered it as the kaza or sanjak of Livâne. It had the sub-district of Maçahel administratively dependent on it.

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