Bearsden, United Kingdom

Bearsden is a small town 6 miles north-west of Glasgow in Clydeside, central Scotland. It was an insignificant village called New Kilpatrick until the 1860s, when the railway arrived and it sprung up into a commuter suburb that took its name from Bearsden railway station. No-one knows where that name originated, except that no bears were involved. The new town was prosperous and its buildings were substantial Victorian creations in red sandstone, many of them still standing. The main reason to visit is the Roman bath house, dating from the brief period when the Romans occupied the Antonine Wall.

Trains run from Glasgow to Bearsden every 15 mins, taking just under 20 mins. They run both from Glasgow Queen Street (lower level) every 30 mins originating in Edinburgh, and from Glasgow Central every 30 mins originating in Motherwell. Both services run via Partick and Westerton so you can interchange, and they continue from Bearsden to Hillfoot (handier for the east side of town) and Milngavie.

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